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Bestbikesplit is a fantastic tool for predicting how fast you will ride the bike route of a given race, I've used it for IM barcelona twice and many local uk cycling time trials and it is very accurate. The more races and courses you upload, the more accurately you will know what your Cda (coefficient of drag) and then in turn you will have no surprises on race day as long as you stick to your planned power/wattage. It will also tell you what power you need to push to achieve your  bike split goal.

Goes without saying, if its not on Strava it doesn't count. One very useful functionality that many people may no know about is the the heatmap function. When planning new cycling or running routes on holiday you can be sure to find the most popular segments in the area and not miss out in the best routes!

Very interesting subjects and interviews if you are in to Cycle Time Trialing. Big focus on aerodynamics and getting faster.

Rob Wilby's Oxygenaddict podcasts are a must if interested in Triathlon. Fantastic interviews, news and tips every week.

Joe Skipper and Tom Oosterdijk's hilarious Triathlon Podcast. Great entertainment when training on the turbo!