Aero Wind Tunnel Testing at Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub

Absolute Speed has recently been aero testing some current and great new products at Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub!  We are now excited to release the aero data for the Absolute Speed Storage box. The great news is the storage box can save you up to 4.1 Watts at 45kph! (or up to 76 seconds over a 112mile Ironman bike leg)!

The Absolute Speed Storage Box for a Giant Trinity was tested at a rider speed of 45kph and yaw angles from 0-15 degrees. Testing was with a rider (Absolute Speed ambassador Malachi Cashmore) pedaling in the TT position. The aero data showed that a saving of up to 4.1 watts could be achieved at certain yaw angles when comparing the delta in cda (coefficient of drag) between 2 setups: ('Config 1': Elite Crono Aero bottle without an Absolute Speed storage box; and 'Config 2': the same aero bottle as above with the Absolute Speed storage box installed as well). 'Config 1' was deemed to be the standard configuration for the majority  of TT and Triathlon bikes and chosen as the 'baseline' to have something meaningful to compare against. The savings are achieved by closing the gap behind the aero bottle up to the seat tube which helps prevent turbulent airflow behind the bottle and guides it over the rear wheel.  Its not a coincidence that many new triathlon bike frames have integrated storage in this  'aerodynamically beneficial'  location. 


Config 1  Config 2
Big thanks to the crew at SSEHUB, Club Coaction, Dan Geisler, Malachi Cashmore & Darren King for all the help and support on the day.